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The Highlights of 2015


New Year Dawning A new dawn is rising. And this time it’s not just another day ahead, but a full year. A year that is still blank, to be filled with hopes, dreams and wishes.

Usually at the end of a year, I look back. Reflect on the beautiful and the bad moments. And look forward to next year: what is going to happen, what things do I want to do, make some nice resolutions.

But this year it’s different. For the past year I’ve pretty much lived my dream: studying abroad. And because 2015 was such a dream year, I don’t really have that many wishes for 2016. All I know is that I will be graduating from my bachelors next year and for the rest…

We’ll see what happens. I don’t want to set any goals, 2016 can come as it comes. I will enjoy the good of it and embrace the bad as well as possible.

So now that the new year is covered, let’s look back at the highlights of 2015! Continue reading The Highlights of 2015

Your Top 10 of 2015

The year is coming to an end, which means it’s time to look back, reflect and remember all the fun things.

To start with this, I’ve gone through all blog posts and picked the 10 that you loved best. They are down here for you to enjoy reading and inspiring  you on those lovely Christmas Days.

Have a lovely, happy and heartwarming Christmas everyone. Continue reading Your Top 10 of 2015

9 DIY Christmas Gifts

We are more than a week into December, I’m sure you’ve got your Christmas shopping game on.

Browsing online, strolling through shops to find that one perfect gift for the people you love most.

But have you considered making a gift yourself this year? It’s the perfect way to show how much you love someone and you can make something truly unique.

I’ve gathered 9 awesome DIY’s that you could make this year.

Let’s go! Continue reading 9 DIY Christmas Gifts

My Thankful List

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I hope that everyone who celebrates it gets to had a great time with their family and loved ones.

In my country we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but I still think it’s a nice moment to stop for a little and think of the things I’ve been thankful for the past year.

Today I took some time to think of the things I’m grateful for in my life. Continue reading My Thankful List

10 DIY Advent Calendars


8 DIY Advent Calendars

Is it time for this already? Heck yes!

This Saturday the Christmas lights will be turned on here in Stockholm and besides that, November is running like a well-oiled train. Only 11 days until December comes peaking around the corner.

Once it’s December 1st we get to start opening our advent calendars one day at a time. It’s so much fun to look forward to Christmas with anticipation and enjoy the build up of excitement for those cozy days with the family.

And what way it’s better than with a handmade calendar with presents or little messages in it that fit you and your family perfectly.

I’ve gathered 8 lovely tutorials for you to help you create a unique advent calendar this year. Enjoy! Continue reading 10 DIY Advent Calendars