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Wat is Bullet Journalling?

Wat is Bullet Journalling?

Wat is Bullet Journalling?

Als je Made to Celebrate volgt op Instagram zal het je niet zijn ontgaan dat ik aardig verknocht ben aan Bullet Journalling. Voor mij is het een systeem wat mij efficiënter en meer doelgericht maakt en wat ik dan ook nog eens kan gebruikten als creatieve uitlaatklep.

Vandaag geef ik je een introductie in dit, al zeg ik het zelf, fantastische en life changing systeem.


Wat is Bullet Journalling?

Bullet journalling is een manier om overzicht te houden in alles wat er in je leven gebeurt. Met bullet journalling heb je alle informatie die je nodig hebt allemaal op één plaats. Je agenda, belangrijke notities, boodschappenlijstje, to-do lijstjes, goals, verjaardagen, je favoriete recepten… Echt alles wat je maar kunt verzinnen en meer.

Het fijne aan dit systeem is dat het heel simpel is. Het enige wat je nodig hebt is een notitieboekje en een pen. Daarnaast is het systeem ook heel flexibel, je kunt het precies zo indelen als jij wilt. Wat jij nodig hebt kun je zelf creëren.

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Learning Watercolour starts with knowing what colours you can make with your pallete.

Creative to-do’s for my own enjoyment

Now that I have a lot of more free time than before (see this post fort he reason why), I started thinking of the things I wanted to do.

What creative projects and DIY’s would I like to make, just because I like it. What new techniques would I want to learn, just because it’s something I’d enjoy them.

No more focus whether a project is good enough to be published on the blog. No more wondering if it would be something my readers would like. I think that this focus is unhealthy (for me and the blog) and will only lead to non-inspirational and more rational blog posts.


So now that I dropped all (self-made) obligations that come with blogging, I started brainstorming things that I’d like to do, make and create just for me. Because I like it and it will be a great thing to do in my free time.

 Learning Watercolour starts with knowing what colours you can make with your pallete.


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How to plan without failing: monthly logs

How to Plan without Failing to Execute

How to Plan without Failing to Execute

As a lover of planning I always have some notebooks lying around and scribble down some thoughts here & there.

But most of the time it would end up getting lost physically or lost in between all other to-do lists.

Before I would make on and on running to-do lists. Everything I could think of would end up on the list and only the easier and quicker to fulfill tasks would get done. The more tough ones would stay hidden unchecked in between the tasks that were completed.

Conclusion: smaller tasks get done, but the larger ones that most of the time contribute to reaching certain goals would never get done. And that meant that those goals (that wander around in my head) would never be accomplished.

But recently I saw the light, I found a planning system that really works for me and I’d love to share it with you!

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View over London from The Shard.

London in 48 hours – My Favourites City Guide

If you have never been to London, you really need to go there.

At least for a short citytrip, just to see for yourself what so many people love dearly. And if you have been to London before, you should go again! Because there’s always something new to discover and experience. I’ve been in London for a total of 17 days now (yes, keeping track) and I can’t wait to go there again. There are still quite a few things on my ‘London To-Do List’.

From the times I’ve been there, I’ve distilled a list of where I would go if I only had 48 hours to discover London. I’ll show you around London and show you the things I think one needs to see when in London. All the best highlights and the most beautiful places to see, some shops to go to and streets to walk.

For pretty much all the places we’ll visit that require an entrance ticket, it is advised to buy a ticket online. Not only does this save time standing in line (except for the London Eye), but it usually also saves a few Pounds.

On a side note: this guide assumes you have a full 48 hours at your disposal. So probably it’s best to arrive the evening before ‘day 1’ and go back home the morning after ‘day 2’. A shorter trip is of course possible, but then I’m sure you’ll feel the need to come back again. Although I think most people feel like they have to come back again anyways.

Let’s get this journey started. And where to start better than with a full English breakfast. Continue reading London in 48 hours – My Favourites City Guide

Where to Find Me & Why You Should Follow

Follow Made to Celebrate on Social Media

You may not realise it, but outside of this website there’s much more going on.

The past few months I’ve upped my Social Media Game.

And along with that different kind of things are shared on different Social Media platforms.

That’s why today I’m giving you a view of what I share and where. There’s something for everyone.

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