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DIY: Knitted Pillow with Bamboo Stitch

Last week I’ve finished a knitted pillow I’ve made with yarn I bought in London.
I’ve knitted it with the ‘Bamboo Stitch’ and today I’ll teach you how you can knit this pillow yourself!
It might look difficult, but it really isn’t. All you really need to know is how to knit & purl and move your thread about here and there.

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DIY Sleeping Bag for your Ferret or Small Pet

For my ferret Mexy I’ve made some soft, cozy sleeping bags to have the best sleepingtime she can have and have many sweet dreams.

Today I’m showing how I’ve made them, so that you can made them too for your ferret or small pet. Or you could make it for a friend’s pet as a gift!
This DIY is also do-able if you’re a beginner. If you need any help, check here.
What you need:
  • Fluffy, soft knitting yarn
  • knitting needles fitting the size of your yarn
  • scissors
  • crochet-hook or large needle
How to make this yourself:
 (keep in mind the size of the sleepingbag you want to make and the space your pet needs in it)
(The right length: think of how long you want the sleeping bag to be
and double that, because in step 4 you will fold it)
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New Life – Wedding Wrapup & Welcoming Mexy into my Life

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted on here, so it’s about time to let you know that I’m still alive.

My last post was about the preparations for the wedding of my sister and her husband and by now that’s already more than 2 weeks ago. It was a lovely day, although I (as master of ceremonies) didn’t have much time to really enjoy all the fesivities. A lot of things had to be done and I was the one in charge of all of it. I’m not really the type to be in a manager-kind-of function, so it was kind of tough for me. But in the end we had a great day and the bride and groom enjoyed the day and the surprises, so I guess I did my job well.

I had also put a lot of my creativity into the day. Besides making all those knitted flags, I also made a drawing for them. It was inspired by the textile they used for her blouse and his vest, really beautiful! Continue reading New Life – Wedding Wrapup & Welcoming Mexy into my Life