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Bullet Journal Setup September 2018

It’s time for another Bullet Journal video!

A few weeks ago someone said to me I should make a setup with more manly touches to it. A car-theme was suggested, but I didn’t fall for that. But to give it somewhat a try, I’ve added lots of blue this time and planes. Paper planes to be exact  😁

As you are used to, I’ve caught all of the action on camera for you to plan along with me or just simply to inspire you. Enjoy the new Plan With Me video!

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Dekbed Discounter DIY

How to Use Your Home as DIY Inspiration

Dekbed Discounter DIY

(English below)

Je kent het vast wel. Je wilt graag iets leuks tekenen of aquarellen, maar je hebt geen idee wat. Of misschien wel ideeën, maar dat zijn van die ingewikkelde landschappen of grote projecten. Maar je hebt eigenlijk gewoon zin om even wat te craften. Ik heb een leuk idee: kijk eens om je heen.

Wat zie je in je huis dat je inspireert?

Als ik om me heen kijk zie ik al gelijk een aantal dingen die ik zou willen tekenen: een stapeltje boeken, m’n favoriete plant, vlaggetjes, een mooie lamp, kaarsjes, een bakje met pennen. Ik zie leuke patroontjes op kussentjes, tasjes en in een draadmand. Als ik naar buiten kijk zie ik blaadjes en huisjes die ik kan tekenen.

Als dat soort dingen me spontaan opvallen, probeer ik altijd om even een pen of potlood te pakken en een tekeningetje te maken. Gewoon even tussendoor.

Een paar weken terug kreeg ik het aanbod van Dekbed Discounter om een dekbedovertrek uit te kiezen. Dus het eerste wat ik bedacht was om iets met een leuk patroontje te kiezen en dit te gebruiken als inspiratie voor een mooie aquarel. Continue reading How to Use Your Home as DIY Inspiration

Learning Watercolour starts with knowing what colours you can make with your pallete.

Creative to-do’s for my own enjoyment

Now that I have a lot of more free time than before (see this post fort he reason why), I started thinking of the things I wanted to do.

What creative projects and DIY’s would I like to make, just because I like it. What new techniques would I want to learn, just because it’s something I’d enjoy them.

No more focus whether a project is good enough to be published on the blog. No more wondering if it would be something my readers would like. I think that this focus is unhealthy (for me and the blog) and will only lead to non-inspirational and more rational blog posts.


So now that I dropped all (self-made) obligations that come with blogging, I started brainstorming things that I’d like to do, make and create just for me. Because I like it and it will be a great thing to do in my free time.

 Learning Watercolour starts with knowing what colours you can make with your pallete.


Here’s my list of creative ideas: Continue reading Creative to-do’s for my own enjoyment

18 Ideas to Illustrate your Easter Eggs

Easter is around the corner! Time to get inspired on decoration for this season, but most of all: time to get inspired on how to pimp your eggs. I’ve searched the webs and found these 14 great ideas to illustrate the eggs!

I love 3 & 9 the best. Which ones are your favorites?

1. Source: MrPrintables


2. Source: Come Together Kids


3. Source: Confetti Sunshine

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New Life – Wedding Wrapup & Welcoming Mexy into my Life

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted on here, so it’s about time to let you know that I’m still alive.

My last post was about the preparations for the wedding of my sister and her husband and by now that’s already more than 2 weeks ago. It was a lovely day, although I (as master of ceremonies) didn’t have much time to really enjoy all the fesivities. A lot of things had to be done and I was the one in charge of all of it. I’m not really the type to be in a manager-kind-of function, so it was kind of tough for me. But in the end we had a great day and the bride and groom enjoyed the day and the surprises, so I guess I did my job well.

I had also put a lot of my creativity into the day. Besides making all those knitted flags, I also made a drawing for them. It was inspired by the textile they used for her blouse and his vest, really beautiful! Continue reading New Life – Wedding Wrapup & Welcoming Mexy into my Life