August’s Diary

Wow, what a month August turned out to be.

It went from finishing my summerjob, packing everything I own, hopping on a plane and starting my life in Stockholm. By itself already quite an experience.

But the experience became more like an adventure of surviving for me. Why? Because when I arrived in Stockholm, the room that I signed and paid for didn’t exist. I got scammed! My heart broke at that moment, what was supposed to be such a good start, turned into being homeless…

It was such a horrible feeling. To go from all excited about studying abroad, to not knowing where you’re going to sleep tonight. Luckily there was a hotel owner at the café that I went in to ask for help. She offered me a room in her hotel for two nights for a great price. That was such a blessing! And when I arrived at the hotel it was even more of a blessing: it was so pretty and luxurious! I really needed that and it softened a bit of the pain.

But even though the hotel was great, two nights later I would be on the streets again. So the search began for places to stay a couple of nights and a room to rent for longer term.

On Sunday (I arrived Saturday) I went to an international church that was nearby the hotel and told my story in tears to the pastor. They were kind enough to tell the church about my situation and ask if somebody could take me in for a couple of nights or knew about a room I could rent. And another blessing was given to me: I left that church with at least 4 addresses where I could stay for a couple of nights! This really took some weight off my shoulders and gave me time to focus on a more permanent place to stay.

And through all of this I made friends with the people I stayed with, had great conversations and they really helped me out.

I know I’ve never really told about my faith on this blog, but I can’t not do it right now. My God really helped me. I was surprised in how much I trusted in Him and it was so amazing to see that He does provide what you need.

Because in exactly one week I found a room that I could rent at least till the end of the year! I could hardly believe it when I walked out of the door after I went to see the room. I had a contract in my bag and a key to a house!

After cancelling all other appointments I had to see rooms, I took the metro into the city. And when I walked out of it, I think I’ve been smiling for the first few hours. I celebrated with a lovely lunch at a restaurant. All on my own, but it was the best lunch I ever had. After that I walked around, adapting to something I was now sure of: this is my home town for the coming months! SO AMAZING!

So due to circumstances there are less pictures than I promised you last month, but I’m glad I can share some of my preparations and the last few days of the month that I did get to enjoy Stockholm.


20150807_144355 Working hard at UMC

So yeah, even at work I was preparing for my life in Sweden. 🙂




When my summer job was done, I packed my last things and a few days later my dad came to pick me up. It just fitted in the car, I was so glad! (if you’re wondering: I didn’t get to take my ferret to Stockholm, my parents are taking good care of her)




And then the day is there: time to leave Holland… I did shed some tears saying goodbye to my Mexy and at the airport when saying goodbye to my parents. And oh my, when the plane took off… It’s good that there was so much sound from the engines, otherwise people would’ve heard me crying. I’m soooo sentimental…



And when in Stockholm a few more tears came out, a lot more tears. Luckily I was able to get this hotelroom for two nights. And do you see those three cute pluche dogs? I hugged them like crazy many times.


20150829_124057 Yay, a place to stay!

And this is one week after the picture above… I really don’t like how I look, but can you see the joy in my eyes? Finally I could start my life in Stockholm.



And this is the lunch I celebrated my new home town with. A delicious burger with tomatoes and feta cheese. And deliciously spiced baked potatoe with tzatziki sauce. Yummy!



And then: time to wander around, enjoy the place I’m in and see it’s prettyness.



I love the waters here in Stockholm, it makes the city look even more enchanting.



And yeah, who would I be without a picture of the nations flag. (you may not know, but somehow I always do this when I’m in another country.


P8290159 Kastellholmen

I walked to and on the islands Skeppsholmen and Kastellholmen. Everything is so gorgeous. And to make it even more like a fairytale: there was a wedding that day. I saw the bride and groom having their pictures taken and I saw all the guests arrive at the castle you see in the back.



And all the buildings are so pretty too!

Even plain apartment buildings in this city have some decorative detail on them.



This is lake Malaren, where one of the people I stayed with for a few nights took me on a walk when the sun was setting.



I fell in love with this picture. So beautiful.



And this is me at lake Malaren, to proof that I was really there. 🙂


20150831_105521 Solna Center T-bana

And to finish: this is the station from where I will always take the metro into the city. All stations are decorated differently, really nice to explore!



Crafts: I haven’t made so much progress on my summery scarf, but still working on it sometimes.

Books: I read and finished ‘Friday on my Mind’ by Nicci French.

Movies/series: I’ve mostly watched ‘Pretty Little Liars’ on Netflix. And yay! Flikken Maastricht has started again!


Favorite moment: No doubt, the day I got the key to my room and got to relax and explore this amazing city.

Suckiest moment: No doubt either, the day I got scammed and became kind of homeless.


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