April Diary

April is always such a lovely month.

The sun starts shining, the blanket of clouds break up and there’s even days of a nearly perfect blue sky. Such a joy!

Oh, and have you seen the blossoming trees? So unbelievably beautiful! To me that’s the moment that Spring really starts.

And now I’m waiting for the tree in front of my window to grow it’s leaves. I’ve been wanting to see it evolve for the past two years now, but both times I happened to be on holiday exactly the week that it decided to give birth to those pretty new leaves.

With patience I’ve gone through April, but I really enjoyed the weather. Although the last weeks of April it got pretty cold here, it even snowed in some places. Bizarre!

Besides enjoying nature, I’ve also worked hard at my internship and on my webshop. Three new buntings are added: denim coloured bunting, ochre yellow coloured bunting and new baby girl bunting with three colours!

This was my April:

Sigh, those beautiful blossoms on the trees. Although the ones in my parents’ neighborhood are weird, they grow the flower on their stems…


Half way through the month I joined some of my colleagues on a walking tour through the city of Woerden. Many pretty old buildings and a guide with interesting stories. Afterwards we had a cheese tasting and a nice dinner in the castle of Woerden.


This is one of the new buntings that are now available in the shop, check them out here!


Last week I shared a DIY tutorial for this fun Mother’s Day present: an origami blossom garland.


This really pictures the joy that April gives me. The sun making lovely shadows on my desk with a cute plant I had that week. Oh, and have you seen the cute bird scissors? I’m in love!


Crafts: I’ve been knitting new colour combinations for the bunting and there’s many more fun coloured buntings to knit!

Books: I read a great book (in Dutch) about refugees that came to the Netherlands 20 years ago and how the adapted to the small towns they got to live in. It’s called ‘Papegaai vloog over de IJssel’ by Kader Abdollah.

Movies/series: I watched ‘Call the Midwife’ and now started the new season of ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’. Somewhere in between I also watched two movies: The Impossible and Mean Girls.


Favourite moment: That has to be having more sunlight around and enjoying the warmth that comes from it.

Suckiest moment: rain and cold, especially when it hits when I cycle to the tram in the morning…


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