5 Ways to use Crocheted Hearts for Valentine

Crochet hearts for Valentines

Love, sweet gifts and a little extra attention to your loved ones. That’s what Valentine’s Day is about.
And to help you make Valentine’s Day extra special this year, I’ve created an item that I think everyone can use.
I’ve made sets of 6 crocheted hearts, three 3D hearts and 3 flat hearts. And today I’ll show you 5 different ways how you can use them.
If you like the hearts, you can get them here (edit: not available anymore). But be quick, there’s only one set of each color!

Here’s 5 ways you can surprises your loved one (or yourself) with these cute hearts:

1. Decorate the room with the hearts. Add some candles or flowers and success is guaranteed.


2. Make your own card and glue a crocheted heart to it. You can easily do this with regular craft glue or super glue.


3. Give the hearts away. One for your mom and one for your best friend. Or maybe put one in the jacket of your secret lover!


4. Set out a trail in the house for your lover to follow. And at the end, there’s you with a rose. I’m sure it will bring a smile and glow to the face of your true love.


5. Put one of the hearts on a necklace, pack it in a little box and wrap it with a lovely ribbon. Perfect to use as a gift.


What would you do with these cute hearts?


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