10 Simple Ideas to Decorate your Rented Room

Since a few weeks I’m renting a room in someone’s house in Stockholm.

I’ll be here for at least 4 months, so I want to make it cozy and feel like home.

But how do you do that in a rented room, where you’re not allowed to put some paint to the walls or even not drill holes to hang things?


Here are 10 easy ideas you could use to give your room some color and home-like feeling, without too drastic changes.

  1. Use decorated boxes to organise your stuff.
Source: A Cup of Life
Source: A Cup of Life


2. Create some wall art with pictures from magazines and cards.

Card & Pictures Wall Art

Source: my room, I brought some pictures and cards from home.


3. Hang some of your most beautiful scarves in your room

Craft Pond Flickr

Source: Craft Pond on Flickr


4. Add some candles to your room

Decor it Darling

Source: Decor it Darling


5. Buy some nice plants to add green into the mix. I personally like using cactusses, because they are pretty and are very easy to maintain.

Dismount Creative

Source: Dismount Creative


6. Go to your local thrift store and get some cheap vases and bottles to create a centerpiece on your table or desk.

Elsa Juliet Tumblr

Source: Elsa Juliet on Tumblr


7. Find some pillowcases with a nice color and/or pattern. Or make them yourself, you could even do this without any sewing! (see link below picture)

Homey oh My

Source: Homey Oh My


8. Find a poster with a good quote and frame it. Or even easier: stick it to your wall with some washi tape. On Etsy you can find a lot of these on instant download.

Spell and Tell Etsy

Source: Spell and Tell on Etsy


9. Buy some old, pretty looking books at a thrift store to put on a shelf or on your desk.

Woo Home + Project Wedding

Source: Woo Home & Project Wedding


10. Buy a blanket or bedcover with colors and patterns that fit your style of decoration.


Source: I crocheted this blanket myself


These are my tips to easily add some style and color to a rented room.

Somewhere in the coming weeks I’ll show you the room that I’m staying in now and share how I decorated it to make it my home for now.


Do you have a great tip on how to style and decorate a rented room? Share them below in the comments!

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