Why don't you just try and see where you end up? (+ free printable!)

This is a quote that I apply in my own life many times, so I made a colourful printable with it.
It’s a piece of text from Coldplay’s
‘Fix You’
, a great song. And this line helps me to do the things that scare me, but that I haven’t tried any time before.
It’s because of this quote that I went to London all on my own. I was scared and nervous when I was on my way to there, thinking ‘what am I getting myself into’. But just because you’re scared, it doesn’t mean you have a clear view of what it really is. Doing this vacation all alone helped me grow and I really enjoyed it, I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.
Being scared or nervous shouldn’t be a reason to not do something. It should be a reason to just try and see for yourself how it feels, how you react to it, where you end up. Good luck!

You can download
the picture & quote here
. Print it & hang it somewhere you see it often and it will help you remind to try things you’ve never done before.
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