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View over London from The Shard.

London in 48 hours - My Favourites City Guide

If you have never been to London, you really need to go there. At least for a short citytrip, just to see for yourself what so many people love dearly.

And if you have been to London before, you should go again! Because there’s always something new to discover and experience.

I’ve been in London for a total of 17 days now (yes, keeping track) and I can’t wait to go there again. There are still quite a few things on my ‘London To-Do List’.

From the times I’ve been there, I’ve distilled a list of where I would go if I only had 48 hours to discover London. I’ll show you around London and show you the things I think one needs to see when in London. All the best highlights and the most beautiful places to see, some shops to go to and streets to walk.

For pretty much all the places we’ll visit that require an entrance ticket, it is advised to buy a ticket online. Not only does this save time standing in line (except for the London Eye), but it usually also saves a few Pounds.

On a side note: this guide assumes you have a full 48 hours at your disposal. So probably it’s best to arrive the evening before ‘day 1’ and go back home the morning after ‘day 2’. A shorter trip is of course possible, but then I’m sure you’ll feel the need to come back again. Although I think most people feel like they have to come back again anyways.


Let’s get this journey started. And where to start better than with a full English breakfast. J


9 Life Lessons from a Scientist

Life Lessons in Science

What? Is that even possible.

A nerdy scientist teaching lessons that apply to anybodies life?


Let me tell you, the answer is Yes.

Last month a scientist in developmental biology visited Stockholm University. His name is Peter Lawrence and he gave a lecture about one of the principles he worked on. He finished his lecture by giving us a look inside the life of a scientist.

This last bit had some pretty awesome quotes that are applicable to everybody’s life, so I really wanted to share them with you. (more…)

How I Made a Rented Room Feel Like Home - Room Tour

Room Tour Welcome

Don’t you love it to peak into other people’s houses?

My high school Geography teacher once told that after dinner he would always take a walk through his neighborhood and he loved to look into peoples houses. How they lived, what it looked like, what they were doing? And he loved it especially during the darker days, when the lights and candles would go on and it would look all cozy and warm.

I guess it’s human nature to be curious about other people’s lives. So I have good news: I’m going to let your human nature have a ball today. (more…)

Free Knitting and Crochet Resources I Use All The Time

10 knit-crochet resources

A few days ago I was looking for a knitting pattern that would perfectly fit the yarn I had + the idea I had in my head.
When this situation occurs, I have some websites I always visit to get inspiration for patterns and instructions on how to use them.
I guess you recognize the situation above, so I’ve compiled a list of my favorite resources for knitting and crochet patterns and techniques. (more…)

Your Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

The year is coming to an end, so it’s time to look back to the year that past.
To finish the year, I’ve made a list of your favorite blog posts from last year.
I noticed it’s a mix of recipes, personal posts and DIY’s. That’s exactly what this blog is about and what I will continue doing in 2015.
I’ve listed them all for you: to read for the first time, or to re-read it and be inspired again.

Top 10 favorite blogposts of 2014:
1. Top 11 Blogging Tips from HEMA Blog Academy
2. How About Something Custom Made For You?
3. Recipe: White Chocolate & Raspberry Cupcakes
4. In memoriam: 298 people I didn’t know (edit: not available anymore)
5. Recipe: Pumpkin Risotto with Chicken & Mushrooms
6. The Changes of 2013 Will Lead to an Adventurous 2014!
7. Ikea Hack DIY: Hexagon Boxes
8. Inspiration for your Handmade Wedding
9. How to Plan for Success
10 DIY Wedding Gifthttp://www.madetocelebrate.com/diy-wedding-gifts/



I hope you’ll have a lovely & shining finish of 2014 and an amazing start of 2015.
I’ll see you next year!