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What Do You Collect?

Recently I read about collections from people and why they collect it. I think humans are collectors by nature, they sometimes do it without knowing it.

This got me thinking of all the things I collect. I think I collect even more things than I’m aware of.

The one that first came to mind is notebooks and to-do lists. I love to write lists, things I need to remember or ideas that burst into my mind down in a nicely illustrated book. Or one with a lovely pattern. I only use about 3-5 books at a time, so there’s a lot of books ready to be used. But when I see a beautiful one, I can’t help myself, I just have to buy it.


Proud owner of my first Moleskine!


Since my childhood I’ve always liked nice notebooks and papers.
The last few years I’ve bought many notebooks or I bought magazines which provided a free notebook with it.
I use them to make lists, write down quote’s I like, my art-journal, write down my worries and to keep a list of books that I still want to read.
Last friday I was in a bookshop and I discovered THE notebook of all notebooks. It fits me so perfectly!