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Learning Watercolour starts with knowing what colours you can make with your pallete.

Creative to-do's for my own enjoyment

Now that I have a lot of more free time than before (see this post fort he reason why), I started thinking of the things I wanted to do.

What creative projects and DIY’s would I like to make, just because I like it. What new techniques would I want to learn, just because it’s something I’d enjoy them.

No more focus whether a project is good enough to be published on the blog. No more wondering if it would be something my readers would like. I think that this focus is unhealthy (for me and the blog) and will only lead to non-inspirational and more rational blog posts.


So now that I dropped all (self-made) obligations that come with blogging, I started brainstorming things that I’d like to do, make and create just for me. Because I like it and it will be a great thing to do in my free time.

 Learning Watercolour starts with knowing what colours you can make with your pallete.


Here’s my list of creative ideas: (more…)

Lace scarf by Silk and Wool.

10 Free Knitting Patterns for Light Scarves to Make This Summer

What?! Knitting in the summer?

Why on earth would you do that?

Well, because knitting doesn’t mean it has to be a thick, wooly and warm sweater you’re making. There are plenty things you can knit without breaking into sweat.

I’ve made a list of 10 light & lacy scarves you could knit this summer. And the good thing: all patterns are available for free!

Click on the links below the pictures to gain access to the patterns.


Free Knitting and Crochet Resources I Use All The Time

10 knit-crochet resources

A few days ago I was looking for a knitting pattern that would perfectly fit the yarn I had + the idea I had in my head.
When this situation occurs, I have some websites I always visit to get inspiration for patterns and instructions on how to use them.
I guess you recognize the situation above, so I’ve compiled a list of my favorite resources for knitting and crochet patterns and techniques. (more…)