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Bullet Journal Setup Augustus

Jeetje, wat gaat juli snel zeg! De bullet journal setup van juli heeft me geholpen om deze maand weer effectief aan de slag te gaan, maar ook om lekker creatief bezig te zijn en te ontspannen.

Nu is het nog maar een paar dagen voordat augustus begint. Het is dus weer hoog tijd om je bullet journal voor te bereiden op deze (hopelijk) zomerse maand.

Zo ben ook ik afgelopen weekend aan de slag gegaan en heb ik weer alles klaargemaakt.

Deze keer aardig wat veranderingen, te beginnen met een nieuw Leuchtturm 1917 notitieboek! Yay!

Ook verandert er vanalles aan de maandelijkse log, maak ik geen wekelijkse log meer en wijzig ik de layout van mijn habit trackers.

En als finishing touch laat ik je een aquarel failure zien 🙂

Kijk je weer mee?

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18 great ideas on how to illustrate your Easter-eggs

Easter is around the corner! Time to get inspired on decoration for this season, but most of all: time to get inspired on how to pimp your eggs.
I’ve searched the webs and found these 14 great ideas to illustrate the eggs!

I love 3 & 9 the best. Which ones are your favorites?

1. Source: MrPrintables


2. Source: Come Together Kids


3. Source: Confetti Sunshine


4. Source: Country Living


5. Source: Food Ideas Recipes


6. Source: Unknown


7. Source: Lezoe Musings


8. Source: Ljcfyi


9. Source: Make Room for Design


10. Source: Obviously Sweet


11. Source: Oh What Fun


12. Source: PaperNStitch Blog


13. Source: Schoener Wohnen


14. Source: Sugar and Charm


15. Source: The Caroline Johansson


16. Source: The Caroline Johansson


17. Source: The Glitter Guide


18. Source: Yes Missy


Eggspiration - How you can WOW your family at Easter breakfast

I know Easter is still a week away. Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my mind.
But I wanted to share some great ideas on decorating eggs.
Pick your favorite, practice a little (click the links for DIY & inspiration) and then go WOW your family at the Easter breakfast!

6. Thread eggs (URL not available anymore) // 7. Sparkle eggs (link not available) // 8. Crochet eggs // 9. Taped eggs

I’ve collected all of these and more on an Easter Pinterest board, you should check it out if you want more ideas!

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New Life

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted on here, so it’s about time to let you know that I’m still alive.
My last post was about the preparations for the wedding of my sister and her husband and by now that’s already more than 2 weeks ago.
It was a lovely day, although I (as master of ceremonies) didn’t have much time to really enjoy all the fesivities.
A lot of things had to be done and I was the one in charge of all of it. I’m not really the type to be in a manager-kind-of function, so it was kind of tough for me. But in the end we had a great day and the bride and groom enjoyed the day and the surprises, so I guess I did my job well.
I had also put a lot of my creativity into the day. Besides making all those knitted flags, I also made a drawing for them. It was inspired by the textile they used for her blouse and his vest, really beautiful!