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Featured on Blacksburg Belle

This week is a special week for my blog & JCLN Etsy shop.
The first thing is today, because April Bowles-Olin from Blacksburg Belle has been so nice to interview me and publish it on her website!
Isn’t that exciting?!?
If you want to see and read it, you can click here or on the image above.
For those of you who don’t know April, she has an amazing¬†website where she shares her Wednesday Wisdom when it comes to organizing, blogging and creativity. And the rest of the week there’s a lot of recipes, color inspiration and fun going on! She also offers some courses and consults for creative business owners.

Oh, and the other thing I’ll tell about coming Thursday (or maybe you’ve already seen something on Twitter?)

10 must-read blogs (if you ask me)

When you’re a blogger yourself, you probably also enjoy reading blogs of others.
So do I. I love to read blogs of other creative people and be inspired by it, learn from their blogging style and get to know the blogger behind the posts.
The best way to find blogs you might like, is to see in the sidebar of a blog you follow. Or check out who’s commenting on that blog, many times people add a link to their own blog if they have one.
A lot of bloggers also share blogs of others in their posts.
And today I will share my top 10 blogs I follow every week (in random order).