The Struggles and Doubts of being a Blogger

You may have noticed that I haven’t published a new post for the past two weeks.

If you were eagerly waiting for it, I’m sorry.

In this blog post I want to let you know what’s going on and why.

I’ve been blogging for almost 6 years now and for about 3 of those years I’ve been blogging once a week, with here and there a short break.

All this time I was envisioning a growing and successful lifestyle blog that was focussed on DIY and living a creative life.

By myself I’m not so much a business woman. As a child I did like sharing and selling my creative makings, I would make cards and go around the neighbourhood selling them for some good cause. But besides that it’s not by nature that I know how to market myself or what I do.

It took a long time to become confident of myself and the same goes for my blog and shop. I’m still working on being more confident about my online presence and seeing that what I do online in a professional way.

I followed several courses on how to build a blog and how to build a following. How to do marketing and what to focus on with selling on Etsy.

Unfortunately I have not seen that much growth nor that much interest for my blog and shop. My blog has a few newsletter subscribers and a somewhat steady 100+ users a month. The shop has a somewhat steady 40 views a week. And even when I would post and share a blog post I thought would really hit with my followers or publish a new product that I thought would be booming, I saw a slight bump in my stats, but not too much. Also it’s really hard to get people to engage, to comment on blog posts or to share my content on social media.

So all in all, even though I love blogging and I love being creative and selling that, it’s been kind of a struggle all along. Of course there were good times, especially when I was following courses that would flame my enthousiasm and ideas.


Recently all of this got me thinking: why am I doing this, if I don’t see the growth I want to? If I don’t get positive reactions from readers and followers? Why am I not selling any of the knit buntings? Even though I have set up a whole marketing strategy and even though I have implemented everything an Etsy course taught me?

So I’ve decided to take a break and I talked to some people about my doubts and stuff.

Building a successful blog is extremely hard work and talking to a friend made me realise that maybe I shouldn’t aim for having a big blog with many followers. Maybe I should learn to appreciate what I have, to be OK with what it is now and enjoy doing that. To not push myself to be what I’m not, a successful blogger.

Because after all, I’m not a professional in journalism, website building (although I think I’m doing a great job as an amateur) or in photography. And if it’s not my wish or goal to be a fulltime blogger or seller of handmade goodies, than maybe I also shouldn’t wish to have a big following like big blogs have.


In short this is a bit of the things I’m struggling with.

By now I’ve had two weeks almost without working on my blog or shop, all I did was post some pics on Instagram and there’s tweets and Facebooks posts going out as I set that up a few weeks ago. To be honest, I do miss writing and making blog posts and making new bunting for the shop, sharing my creativity with the world. A weekend without working on my blog and shop is kind of an empty weekend, one that leaves lots of time to think and doubt myself though… But what I don’t miss is the constant hope of getting likes or shares or comments. Always hoping someone would be enthousiastic about what I do and tell the world about it. If I could choose I would do the creative work and writing myself and leave all the rest to someone else…

So for now, and I don’t know how long, I will just be posting on the blog when I feel like it. When I have a fun DIY I made or other things I want to share. And not share because I promised myself to blog every week, but because it’s something I did for myself and that I think other people might like too.

And now it’s time for me to think of things I want to do for me, just for fun and personal joy. I think I might start teaching myself the art of handlettering, or I’ll knit or crochet something for myself.

We’ll see where this journey will take me, and maybe I’ll take you along. And maybe I won’t, we’ll see.

If you also have a blog, do you recognise these struggles? Let me know in the comments!




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Celebrating life with creativity and a positive attitude and you can do that too! Smile booster, craft lover, notebook addict, mysterious bookworm, secret scientist and loves to hug Mexy the ferret.

3 thoughts on “The Struggles and Doubts of being a Blogger

  1. hoi hoi Jacolien,

    Nu toch maar gauw een reactie op je nieuwste blog. Ik begrijp je ‘struggle’ wel. Iedereen wil gewaardeerd worden voor inzet en dingen die je doet. Het moet wel leuk blijven om te doen. Daarom denk ik dat je met hart en verstand een goed besluit hebt genomen. Wat me nog even opviel in je verhaal: vroeger maakte je kaarten en verkocht je in de buurt ze voor een goed doel. Misschien dat daar nog een of twee mogelijke aanknopingspunten in zitten: creatief in/met/voor je eigen omgeving of buurt of creatief vrijwilligerswerk/goed doel. Via ‘life’ contact wordt veel makkelijker een waardering of compliment uitgesproken dan via een website (denk ik, maar ik ben natuurlijk ‘old school’). In ieder geval veel succes op de nieuwe route.
    Van een grote fan.

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