6 Decorational DIY's that Will Make your Home Easter Ready

How are your Easter crochet projects coming along?

Is it going well and you love them? Great!

So you’ve already made a good start with your Easter decoration now.

Time for some new inspiration, but this time we are focussing on any kind of DIY technique.

I’ve found 6 DIY’s for different ‘aspects’ of decorating your house for Easter. When you’ve made these ones, your home is Easter ready!

You can click the link in the description below the pictures to see the tutorial for that project. Enjoy!

Alice and Lois
Marbled Eggs by Alice and Lois.


Cincy Shopper
Sheep Cupcakes by Cincy Shopper.
Fellow Fellow
Bunny Garland by Fellow Fellow.


Torie Jayne
Fabric Basket by Torie Jayne.
FabDIY 2
PomPom Bunny by FabDIY.
Clay Egg Bowl by Hello Glow.


Go gather all the supplies you need tomorrow and have a happy crafty weekend!




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