3 Weeks of Free

After a few busy weeks of learning for and taking my first exams of this study, it’s now time to relax and enjoy.

I have got 3 weeks of nothing ahead of me. Ok, only one day of school, but that doesn’t really count.
 I’ve already spilled two days of them, doing nothing that I wanted to do.
So I had to step up, make a plan and write it down. Yes, I even wrote down the fun stuff, because otherwise there’s a big chance I won’t even do that.
Now there’s the obvious stuff of cleaning the house, doing laundry & all. Not really interesting.
But I’m happy to share with you the fun stuff planned and the things I’ve been wanting to do a long time blog- and shop-wise.

For the love of blogging & Etsy:
– Finish rainbow banners
– Finish Christmas banners
– Make some Christmas ornaments
– Learn about SEO & improve the findability of this blog
– Take new pictures for Etsy
– Update product descriptions on Etsy
– Get the Honeycomb Scarf online
– Start with the 365-day writing prompt I got with the blogging e-course
– Make a system to order saved posts in Evernote
– Review the JCLN logo design
For the love of fun & 3 weeks free:
– Watch Grey’s Anatomy season 6, 7, & 8
– Go thrift-shopping in Deventer
– Have a pajama-day and watch tv & read books all day long
– Draw whenever you have an idea, don’t wait
– Read a book in the park
– Bike 25 km every week
– Cook from a foodmagazine once a week
– Blog in a cafe
– Visit a museum/exhibition
– Upcycle the thrift-finds
– Welcome my friend & her sweet kitten and let Mexy play with them.
That’s what I’ll be up to the coming weeks. You’ll probably see some stuff back here and I’ll be updating Facebook, Twitter & Instagram regularly. #3weeksoffree
Oh, for those of you interested, I’ve passed all the exams. Yay!

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Celebrating life with creativity and a positive attitude and you can do that too! Smile booster, craft lover, notebook addict, mysterious bookworm, secret scientist and loves to hug Mexy the ferret.

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